Read each question carefully. For a multiple-choice question, determine the best answer to the question from the four answer choices provided. For a griddable question, determine the best answer to the question. Then fill in the answer on your answer document.


1   Ms. Jones spent $180.00 on oak and maple boards for a new floor. The flooring is sold by the foot.

Ms. Jones spent $112.50 on oak boards. How many feet of maple boards did she buy?

A   38

B   54

C   68

      D   142




2   The following expression is equivalent to the number of inches José grew last year.



How many inches did he grow last year?

F.  1    in.

G.  2   in.

H.  1    in.

J.     2   in.




3   Raul made a table to show the number of burgers he grills when cooking for different numbers of people.

What is the constant rate of change represented in the table?

A  4 burgers per 7 people

B  3 burgers per 4 people

C  2 burgers per person

D  burger per person




4  Ms. Boyd’s science class is studying the life expectancy of a housefly. Houseflies are expected to have a lifespan of 30 days. The class is observing a housefly in the lab that has completed  of its lifespan. After the observation, the housefly lives 7 more days. How many days did the housefly live?


Record your answer and fill in the bubbles on your answer document. Be sure to use the correct place value.







5  Joseph sells coffee in bulk to local coffee shops. He sells 6 pounds of coffee for $12, and 12 pounds of coffee for $24. Which graph best represents the total cost of the coffee based on the number of pounds?

                      A                    C    

   B                     D 










6  Ms. Sanchez is making four batches of two types of cookies. She needs 2(1 ) + 2(2 ) cups of sugar. How many total cups of sugar does she need?

  F.  7   c

  G.  6   c

  H.  7 ‚Äč  c

  J.  6   c





7  A hardware store installs carpet. The total cost in dollars, y, of installing x square feet of carpet is shown in the following table.

Which equation represents the relationship between the x-values and the y-values in the table?

A   y = – x + 525

B    y = x + 125

C    y = 2x + 150

D   y = –2x + 325




8  Martha is baking bread. Each loaf of bread requires 2  cups of flour plus an additional  cup of flour for kneading the bread. To find the number of loaves that can be made from a 20-cup bag of flour, she can solve the following equation.

x(2   +   ) = 20

                     How many loaves can be made from a 20-cup bag of flour?

F 80 loaves of bread

G 16 loaves of bread

H 8 loaves of bread

                        J  75 loaves of bread


9  The cost of 38 square feet of grass sod is $47.50. There is a proportional relationship between the cost in dollars, y, of the grass sod and the number of square feet of grass sod, x. What is the constant of proportionality?

A   0.8

B   9.5

C   1.25

                        D   Not here




10  A sportscaster keeps track of the yards gained by a football team. The total number of yards the team gained over six non-consecutive plays is represented by the following expression.

16 + 8 + (–4) + 0 + (–2) + (–8)

How many total yards did the team gain?

F  10 yd

G  2 yd

H  –10 yd

      J    –2 yd




11  Susanna and her six friends go to the wakeboard park. They each pay an entrance fee of x dollars, and they each rent a wakeboard for $15. In all, they spend $164.50. Which equation represents this situation?

                        A   164.50 = 7(x + 15)

B   164.50 = 7x + 15

C   164.50 = x + 22

                        D   164.50 =  




12  Marsha buys craft kits for her students. Each craft kit comes in a box and contains construction paper. The graph below represents the total number of pieces of construction paper, y, that are in x boxes.

What is the constant of proportionality?

F   0.08

G   4

H   12.5

J   50




13  Four friends went out to lunch and each ordered a personal pizza. At the end of the meal Anna had 0.35 of her pizza left, Rachel had  of her pizza left, Suzi had 40% of her pizza left, and Antonia  had of her pizza left. All together, how much pizza remained?


A  0.665 of a pizza

B  1.075 pizzas

C  1.84 pizzas

D  2.15 pizzas




14  The cost of 1    pounds of bananas is $1.29. The cost of 3 pounds of bananas is $2.58. What is the constant of proportionality that relates the cost in dollars, y, to x pounds of bananas?


Record your answer and fill in the bubbles on your answer document. Be sure to use the correct place value.












15  Jenny and Lisa are taking a road trip across the state of Texas. The following table shows

d, the total number of miles traveled, after t hours of driving.

Which of the following equations could be used to model their trip?

  1. d = 130t
  2. d = 65t
  3. d =    t
  1. d =     t


16  An equation is modeled below. Each square represents 1.

What value of x makes the equation true?

F.  x = – 

G.  x = 1

H.  x

J.  x = –3






17  A student is given the following graph.

The student writes the following equation to represent the relationship between x and y. y x — 6

Is the student's equation correct or not correct, and why?

A  The student's equation is correct, because the slope and y-intercept are correct.

B  The student's equation is not correct, because the slope should be – .

C  The student's equation is not correct, because the y-intercept should be       .

D  The student's equation is not correct, because the y-intercept should be 2.




18  The model below represents the equation 3x + 1 = 10.


  Which is the value of x?

  F.  - 1/3

  G.  3

  H.  1/3

  J.  -3




19    An auto shop sells tires. Customers are charged $119.50 per tire plus a fixed service fee of $79.00. The shop increases its charge per tire by $20 but does not change its service fee. Which equation represents the new total charge, in dollars, y, for x tires?

A   y = 119.5x + 20

B   y = 99x + 119.5

C   y = 79x + 139.50

D   y = 139.5x + 79














20  Leland is making fruit punch for a party. In each serving of punch, there are 3 ounces of orange juice, 4 ounces of ginger ale, and 1 ounce of pineapple juice. Her punch bowl can hold 130 ounces. Which inequality represents s, the number of servings of punch that can be contained in the bowl?


F        > s

G   130 — 8 < s

H        < s

J   130 • 8 > s




21   Members of a gym can pay their membership fees monthly or annually. If paid annually, the payment is $294. This is $48 cheaper than making monthly payments. Which equation represents this situation, where x is the cost of the monthly fee, in dollars?

A   294 = 12x — 48

B   48x + 12 = 294

C   12x + 48 = 294

D   294 = 48x — 12